Talent Acquisition

Every journey begins with a single step. Our recruitment process begins with the selection and placement of candidates who possess talent and passion for knowledge to join our team and commence a new journey of discovery and growth. 

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Talent Development

In a dynamic competitive field such as Real Estate, it is the efficiency and competence of our team that distinguishes City Edge Developments from others. We are, therefore, committed to promoting an environment of continuous learning and development for all our employees. We offer our employees insightful training programs that prepare them for the real estate market and boost their performance.

Performance Management

Your hard work and performance determines your growth potential within your work community. At City Edge Developments, we encourage our employees to push their limits and achieve higher levels of progression. 

Total Rewards

Teamwork and connectivity can play a positive role in performance boost. City Edge Developments encourages employee engagement and productivity with incentive programs and reward systems designed to motivate them.


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